Day 5

31 day Challenge

(Proverbs 5)

I am directionally challenged.

A fact I try to hide but can’t.

When I go somewhere I’ve never been, (and even places I have gone to my whole life) I have to follow directions. In fact I would say that GPS is the greatest invention of our time.

Today I had to take my daughter to a school in Davidson County so she could try out for All District Band. Using the new Google Maps App, I entered the address of where I needed to go and followed the voice that told me where to turn.

But half way through the trip ANOTHER VOICE, form my phone, began to tell me to take a right, or a left at various interchanges on my route.

It confused me a bit, so I looked at the map that was displayed on my phone and stuck to the original map and the original voice I started my journey with and ignored the other voice. It was hard at times to stay the course, I kept wondering if I had missed a turn or if there was a faster way to get to my destination. But every-time I was about to make a change I would look at the map on my phone, and wait for the original voice to speak, confirming the visual map’s info before I made a turn.

I guess you can say “one lady” was leading me down the right path and the “other lady” was tempting me to go somewhere I didn’t want to go.

Only discipline enabled me to stay the course and out of trouble.

I think that sums up Proverbs 5…

I’m sticking with my original lady… and she is more than good enough for me!

What did you see in the passage today? What verse stood out to you?

One thought on “Day 5

  1. Your post made me giggle, but I completely get it…. I work in a ED and I have to tell you the devil makes runs through that place every so often… Between the nurses and paramedics and fire fighters, it has the potential to be a big fat mess… I have watched it swallow up people for years now… Most of them get straightened back out, but it isn’t before something is ruined and a lot of lessons are learned the hard way… You can literally watch it consume them and most of the time by the time they realize it, it is wayyyyy too far gone… It is sad and it isn’t fun to watch.

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