Day 11

(Proverbs 11 – We have arrived.) Pride My abilities, My accomplishments, My Wisdom trump all others. Pride Comes from a word that means “to boil” and was used to describe a person who was arrogant and insubordinate. (Proverbs 11:2) Pride My abilities, My accomplishments, My triumphs rather than God’s. It is a push for personal […]

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Day 9

(Proverbs 9) You know that person that you had to approach because they were going down a road that you knew would lead to destruction? So, you prayed and prayed and waited for the right opportunity to talk with them about it.  You were not harsh, angry or condemning when you spoke with them but […]

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Day 7

(Proverbs 7) Adultery? I don’t know about you, but when I get to chapter 5, chapter 6 and chapter 7 of Proverbs that topic stops me in my tracks every time I read through the book. I think it is because (even though I know it’s there) I never really expect the opening statements of […]

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Day 6

(Proverbs 6) I don’t know about you… When I hit Proverbs 6:16… I had to slow down… Because the warning is “striking.” “There are six things which the Lord hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him.” If the Lord has said… “I hate ___________” I definitely want to pay attention to whatever that […]

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Day 5

(Proverbs 5) I am directionally challenged. A fact I try to hide but can’t. When I go somewhere I’ve never been, (and even places I have gone to my whole life) I have to follow directions. In fact I would say that GPS is the greatest invention of our time. Today I had to take […]

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Day 4

(Proverbs 4) I can feel it. The concern, the hope, the desire for his son to take the best path, the good path, the right path in this life. Maybe it’s because I’m a father. My son just turned 10 and I find myself instructing him on how to live and the way life works… […]

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