just in case you were wondering…

i am a husband and a father and for that part i am around some amazing people, my children are incredible and they get that nature from their mom.

i am a pastor, currently following God and sometimes that is a minute by minute deal, but i really like it when He gives me a glimpse of the future.

i love music, macs, wake forest, the reds, hamburgers, pepsi one, gps, idol, star-wars, peanuts comics, calvin and hobbs and my ipod.

there are a lot of things i am trying to figure out. so far in ministry God has taken me on quite the ride, i have seen disputes and salvations, failures and miracles. i look forward to leading a church to balance and effectiveness.

currently i am the senior pastor at farmington baptist church in mocksville, nc .

i hope you enjoy this blog, thanks for taking the time to visit…

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