Come as you are

For some reason today I’ve been listening to David Crowder’s “Neon Steeple” album on repeat. It could be that I used a song from this album yesterday in a sermon, it also could just be that today it is speaking to me in a very personal way. Currently the song that is playing is of […]

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An Opportunity to Change

Sometimes in life we are faced with an opportunity to change. Not a change in location. Not a change is marital status. Not a change of occupation. All of which are opportunities for sure. But what I’m speaking of here is an opportunity to change and become better as a person. To gain freedom from […]

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New Book

Are you looking for a devotional that is more than just a paragraph or two of reading each day? Are you looking for a devotional that does more than just make you feel good? Are you looking for a devotional that will help you learn how to interact with people in a Godly way? Are […]

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Ramblings 101

Well I did it…. Had to… placed into a corner by my wife. I had to buy… yes purchase… Christmas Music before thanksgiving had arrived. Why? Because she needed a playlist to work on the order of the Christmas worship service. But in doing it I found two new Christmas albums that have now been […]

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