Letter 20

It is in my option the number one thing that the devil distorts in peoples lives. He takes something that is beautiful, amazing, unifying, and that produces a connection between two people that is unmatched in any other relationship and he distorts it… and distorts is probably too kind of a word. He convinces people […]

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Letter 15

“Fear, avarice, lust and ambition look ahead.” Screwtape “We want man hag-ridden by the Future…” Screwtape The enemy uses “time” to his advantage sadly better than we do. He is really good at getting us to focus on the past and wish it was in our present or getting us to focus on the future […]

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Letter 14

Humility is a tricky thing to have, discuss or manage… and the enemy hates it. More than any other virtue humility slips through our fingers quicker than any other and I say that as if I have ever held it in my hands. To say I have held it in my hands is where the […]

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Letter 13

There is a difference between real pleasures and the pleasures that come from temptation. Real ones lead to life where as the ones that are provided by temptation lead to death. Real pleasures leave you fulfilled. Ones we experience because we gave into temptation leave us with wanting more. It’s almost as if we can’t […]

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Letter 10

Be careful who you choose to hang around. Chances are you will become like them. A strategy of the enemy is to get us to meet people who live with a different moral standard than the Bible teaches and then convince us that it’s ok to make them our best friends. What happens is – […]

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Letter 8

What if… In the times of your life that you don’t feel God. He doesn’t seem to be around. He doesn’t seem to be involved with what you are going through. It seems that though you have cried your heart out to Him he hasn’t heard you because nothing has really changed. You circumstance is […]

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