Alone I have felt that way more times than I would like to remember.  I’ve been alone in my car, alone at church, alone at home and alone in a crowd. Alone in a crowd I have felt left out, rejected and diminished. Sometimes people did it on purpose other times they didn’t realize it […]

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Automatic Off

I am a person that doesn’t really like to do the same thing twice… except for things like playing music or cooking steak. In the depths of my soul I want every year to be filled with new, unexperienced ideas. I prefer those ideas to work wonderfully each time, and I prefer for those ideas […]

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Easter Week Day 8

I sit here at 8pm on Easter Sunday. In the background Resurrection Letters by Andrew Peterson is playing, a family favorite. It has been a good day, different in many ways but good. No I take that back…. It was a GREAT DAY! How could it not be? Because, we are quarantined? Because, we were […]

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Easter Week Bonus

I think it is pretty incredible that the church chooses to celebrate the Passion of the Christ at the same time each year. It is pretty incredible to be a small part of that global celebration. That said, when I say this next thing it is not a slight against anyone. There are three types […]

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Easter Week Day 7

The moment Jesus’ body was laid in the tomb and the sun set and darkness began to invade the land. (Because a Jewish day begins at night when the first stars come out.) The Chief Priest and Pharisees went back to Pilot to make sure Jesus’ body stayed in the tomb. I wouldn’t be surprised […]

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Easter Week Day 6

Well, there is sooooo much in these Bible passages today. In fact this moment in Jesus’ life is more detailed than any other section written about Him in all of scripture. We get a full picture of what happened on the day Jesus was betrayed, by not only Judas but the very race of people […]

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