Day 18

Ok, not sure which one to write about.. so I’ll just share the things that hit me from this passage. 1 – Isolation, it is so easy to fall into. For me it happens after I have been hurt by someone, or have a conflict with someone. The temptation to run and hide in the […]

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Day 17

There is a man in our church that I am sure never quarrel’s with anyone, including his wife.  Because somewhere in his past he figured something out (or read 17:14)… no one EVER WINS an argument. When there is an argument, a quarrel everyone involved loses… everyone. Even if you feel like you have won the […]

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Day 16

Ridicule That is what we often get when we guard our ways (16:17) To strict they say To legalistic they taunt To restraining No fun “We don’t have that restriction and we are doing ok.” Ridicule That’s what we often get when we guard our ways (16:17) We hear it from friends, family and acquaintances […]

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Day 15

This post is written by Ryan Bult a staff member at Cross Point Have you ever used the phrase….if only I had known then what I know now?  Although I wouldn’t change much about my life, I often think of how things might have been different in my younger days, if I had just had some […]

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Day 14

This post was written by Blake Bergstrom, a staff member at Cross Point. I like the openness he has displayed in this post… Thanks Blake for having the courage to share this way. There is an old friend of mine that I have known most of my life named, “Anger!”  I have spent a lot […]

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Day 13

We are taught that spanking a child is a non-caring thing to do. Some would even say that there should be laws against it. They see spanking as bad. They would say a parent that spanks their child does not really love them and is taking advantage of someone who cannot fight back. (If love […]

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