SS 01.4

(Before Reading this Post Read SS 01.1 and SS 01.2 and SS 01.3) Oxygen That was the main concern. The ship could run on Auxiliary power indefinitely unless of course the sun decided not to shine anymore. Oxygen They had been using the emergency tanks for the last three and a half days. The gages […]

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SS 01.3

(Read SS 01.1 and SS 01.2 Before Reading this Post) The meeting wasn’t very long. There was really nothing significant to report. Nothing had changed. Once it was over she turned and walked slowly to the back of the room. The man nodded in her direction and left. She sat down in a chair that […]

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SS 01.2

(Read SS 01.1 before reading this one -) The room was filled with noise. In the front of the room two images took up all the wall space. The floor contained four rows of desk that contained 15 work spaces each with triple monitors. Bald, blond, brown and black heads trickled through out those spaces, […]

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The light from the mirror glistened on her cheeks. Her black silky hair laid perfectly on her her shoulders as her brown eyes studied the reflection before her. She wanted to be sure of herself but deep down inside she was scared. The news was just so harsh. How could this happen? Why did it […]

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Day 31

I know… I know. Proverbs 31 devotionals are usely written by a lady. So we are going against the grain here and this is why… We have read, over and over again about not chasing the adulterous, skimpy clothed, sensual, poisonously attractive woman. Do not have a relationship with her, proverb’s teaches… she will eat […]

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Day 30

Are you satisfied with where God has you, in your life right now? Are you thankful for what God has given you and are satisfied with the things you have? Now it is ok to have goals, and the drive not to remain where you are in life. You can be satisfied with where you […]

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