I think but don’t take me wrong… that some people never think about heaven until someone passes away. I think but don’t take me the wrong way… that some people talk about heaven when a love one passes more than that loved on did while they were here on earth. I know yes I know […]

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Kids Grow Up

Yesterday my Daughter moved out of the house. Nothing bad, we didn’t tell her to leave, we didn’t push her out, she just decided that it was time to take that step and live on her own. So, today as I continue to pass by her room, everything is gone. Clothes Bookshelves Her bed The […]

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All I Know is…

Every time I teach/preach I learn something new that I didn’t get out of my study and prep before the sermon actually happened. Every time I speak I’m amazed what different people actually hear. Every time I reflect on a message that I delivered, a deeper understanding of the passage comes to my mind on […]

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Backstory SS 01

First if you haven’t read the posts – SS 01.1 – SS 01.2 – SS 01.3 or SS 01.4 please read them before you read this post – there will be spoilers. You can get to them by clicking on the titles in the previous sentence. For Christmas this year I received a C.S. Lewis […]

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SS 01.4

(Before Reading this Post Read SS 01.1 and SS 01.2 and SS 01.3) Oxygen That was the main concern. The ship could run on Auxiliary power indefinitely unless of course the sun decided not to shine anymore. Oxygen They had been using the emergency tanks for the last three and a half days. The gages […]

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