Easter Week Day 5

Jesus could have stopped it. He knew it was coming, – the pain, the agony, that would lead to His death. “Truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me.” Not only did He know this was going to happen, He also knew who it was… “He who has dipped his hand in […]

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Easter Week Day 4

For the longest time I wondered why they paid Judas to betray the Lord. They were willing to pay 30 pieces of silver, enough money to buy a plot of land in those days. Those religious leaders were also willing to spend money people had tithed the Lord, in order to get it done. The […]

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Easter Week Day 3

It amazes me that Jesus prayed. I know it was to the Father, but they are one in the same. When I was younger I thought He just talked to Himself, which I thought was a bit strange. Now before you get up in arms, this is just an introduction, I believe in a Triune […]

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Easter Week Day 2

I think it would have been pretty amazing to listen to Jesus teach. Some translations from our reading today says “the people were hanging on His every word”. The priest and scribes didn’t like that very much. They hated Jesus and here He is speaking to the crowds moving them in ways they could not […]

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Easter Week Day 1

I cannot imagine what it would be like to live back when Jesus lived here on earth. To hear His teachings first hand, to see him heal the blind and feed people. It was a once in a life time historical experience and very few were privileged enough to watch it happen. And that privilege […]

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Just met with an individual in my office that I have prayed – for him and his family – for a very long time. His wife has some pretty serious health issues and those issues have taken them down an unexpected road. It’s a road they do not want to go down but they know […]

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