Letter 2

The first thing we need to cover with this letter is once someone is saved (becomes a believer, is a Christian according to scripture) that person cannot loose their salvation. The purpose of this blog is not to unpack that truth but to make sure we understand that is what the Bible teaches. Now, I […]

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Letter 1

First – I decided this morning to change the names of these post from The Playbook ____ (part 1, 2, 3 etc…) to Letter ____ (1, 2, 3, etc…). That said… Isn’t it interesting that jargon not facts (arguments) is what the enemy wants people to be focused on. This book which was written long […]

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The Playbook “Readings”

Tomorrow, I will begin reading the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. The plan is to read a chapter a day through the month of October. On some of the days my plan is to post a blog that relates to the reading on that day. The post will hopefully be up by mid-afternoon. But we […]

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October Music 2020

October Music begins each year on “October Eve” (September 30th (that’s today!)) as soon as our eyes open.  With the exception of Sundays, it is the only music that we play in our house for the whole month. October music (in case you do not know) is a mix of fun and Biblical music to aid in […]

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Alone I have felt that way more times than I would like to remember.  I’ve been alone in my car, alone at church, alone at home and alone in a crowd. Alone in a crowd I have felt left out, rejected and diminished. Sometimes people did it on purpose other times they didn’t realize it […]

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Automatic Off

I am a person that doesn’t really like to do the same thing twice… except for things like playing music or cooking steak. In the depths of my soul I want every year to be filled with new, unexperienced ideas. I prefer those ideas to work wonderfully each time, and I prefer for those ideas […]

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