Day 4

31 day Challenge

(Proverbs 4)

I can feel it.

The concern, the hope, the desire for his son to take the best path, the good path, the right path in this life.

Maybe it’s because I’m a father.

My son just turned 10 and I find myself instructing him on how to live and the way life works… As I sit here and think about it I have come to realize I do this a lot.  Yesterday, I started reading to him these passages at breakfast time.

He listens and I am glad.

I want the best for Him (and my daughter) and you can’t have the best without wisdom at your side.

“Hear a father’s instruction… be attentive… gain insight.” (4:1)

I can feel it…

The writers hope, concern and desire for his son to take the good path, the best path, the right path in this life.

So he writes this “letter of wisdom”. This literary creation of instruction. These tidbits of insights he has picked up while he has lived his life.  He desires for his son to take the right path and not make the same mistakes he (the father) has made.  He knows by experience that the right path, is good and is the best way to live life on this earth.

And God wants the same for us.  Yes, He is a father that has never made a mistake,( even the creation of you and I was not a mistake) but He knows 1st hand the damage that comes from falling into darkness, the pain that results from foolish living.

He doesn’t want that for us.

Our Father in heaven desires for us to take the right path in this life, He knows it is the best path and with His very words has deemed it good.

So let’s continue to be attentive to our Father’s instruction and strive to gain the insights He desires for us to have so we will have the life He has created us for.

What did you see in the passage today?  What verse stood out to you?

4 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Oooo….you are early today. The girls have been enjoying reading these with me. We have been doing a chapter every night. They keep wanting to read ahead….

  2. There are so many things from this one that will be posted somewhere in my house and office! Already looking for cool ways to display them on pinterest! Shew, my favorite thus far.

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