Mary’s Rhythm

It was probably an ordinary day for Mary. She was a faithful happy lady, engaged to be married to a faithful and happy man… life was good.  She must have been going about her normal daily task when she had a visitor with a message that changed her life… and ours. A message that changed […]

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Can’t Shut This

He knows your works… ALL of them. From screening in your screen-in-porch to fixing pork chops for dinner… He is aware and He knows. (Revelation 3:8) God knows what you have done for Him and what you haven’t. He knows what you should have been doing and what you should have done. He knows your […]

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Who decides what is hate speech? Is it the person that disagrees with your point of view? Is it the point of view of the person you disagree with? Who decides what is hate speech? Is it when you feel like it’s hate speech because you were shocked at what was said? Could two people […]

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Day 31

(Proverbs 31) Well, we come to the last day of it all. Proverbs 31. And the passage leaves us with 2 important words of wisdom. 1. Do not drink to much. Each of us has his own kingdom.  Some are king of a nation and others just of their home.   When strong drink has […]

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