An Opportunity to Change

Sometimes in life we are faced with an opportunity to change. Not a change in location. Not a change is marital status. Not a change of occupation. All of which are opportunities for sure. But what I’m speaking of here is an opportunity to change and become better as a person. To gain freedom from […]

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New Book

Are you looking for a devotional that is more than just a paragraph or two of reading each day? Are you looking for a devotional that does more than just make you feel good? Are you looking for a devotional that will help you learn how to interact with people in a Godly way? Are […]

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Ramblings 101

Well I did it…. Had to… placed into a corner by my wife. I had to buy… yes purchase… Christmas Music before thanksgiving had arrived. Why? Because she needed a playlist to work on the order of the Christmas worship service. But in doing it I found two new Christmas albums that have now been […]

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ThanksGiving Music

Each year on November the 1st our family starts what we call Thanksgiving Music. And with the exception of working on the Christmas Worship Service for Church, and the fact that my children now are grown and do their own thing, we still listen to our Thanksgiving Playlist. I listen to it exclusively. Until the […]

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