Ramblings 101

Well I did it…. Had to… placed into a corner by my wife. I had to buy… yes purchase… Christmas Music before thanksgiving had arrived. Why? Because she needed a playlist to work on the order of the Christmas worship service. But in doing it I found two new Christmas albums that have now been […]

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ThanksGiving Music

Each year on November the 1st our family starts what we call Thanksgiving Music. And with the exception of working on the Christmas Worship Service for Church, and the fact that my children now are grown and do their own thing, we still listen to our Thanksgiving Playlist. I listen to it exclusively. Until the […]

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A Powerful thing

Last week… At least at the beginning of it. I was struggling just a little bit. Nothing to serious but just wondering if I was doing a good job or had I gotten worse at what I do for a living. Then on Wednesday I went to a conference a friend of mine was speaking […]

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Sermon Presentation

Sermons don’t just happen… unless you are a parent… but even then they draw off of years of experience you are passing on to your child. Sermons take preparation. And currently that is what I am working on. Sermons for next year. Specifically October of 2023 and one in September 2023. Right now I am […]

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Time Moves it seems like just yesterday just yesterday that we moved my daughter into college but that was 4 years ago not yesterday and now we are going to see her graduate Time Moves it seems like just yesterday just yesterday that we were at her Highschool graduation planning a graduation party for her […]

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