Day 1 – Proverbs 1

This year I want to fear the Lord…. I want to fear Him enough to listen to Him and follow where He leads. I want to fear Him enough to avoid being a fool. There is a little fool in all of us and if we are not careful it becomes easy to give into […]

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Women Are Powerful

“The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down.” Proverbs 14:1 We joke, we laugh, we poke fun when we say “the man is the head of the household but the woman is the neck.” Meaning she is really the one in charge. But even when she thinks […]

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Day 31

(Proverbs 31) Well, we come to the last day of it all. Proverbs 31. And the passage leaves us with 2 important words of wisdom. 1. Do not drink to much. Each of us has his own kingdom.  Some are king of a nation and others just of their home.   When strong drink has […]

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Day 30 – The Written One

(Proverbs 30) Are you satisfied with where God has you, in your life right now? Are you thankful for what God has given you and are satisfied with the things you have? Now it is ok to have goals, and the drive not to remain where you are in life. You can be satisfied with […]

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Day 29

(Proverbs 29) Fear Fear of people Fear of losing influence with people Fear of not being well thought of Fear of being rejected These types of fears become snares in our lives for they prevent us from following God because instead of doing what is right by Him we decide to do what is right […]

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Day 28

(Proverbs 28) Proverbs 28:1 The reason the righteous can be bold as a Lion is because they have nothing to hide.  No worry of someone finding out something about them that is bad. They do not have to hide who they are or what they have done. Their conscience is clear. But the wicked… that’s […]

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