Day 31

31 day Challenge

(Proverbs 31)

Well, we come to the last day of it all.

Proverbs 31.

And the passage leaves us with 2 important words of wisdom.

1. Do not drink to much.

Each of us has his own kingdom.  Some are king of a nation and others just of their home.   When strong drink has a hold of a leader it is not to long before unrighteousness influences decisions and justice is hindered.   It prevents true protection from occurring for those we love and hold dear.  For the leader who is given over to strong drink becomes the person the innocent need to be protected from physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

And that should never be so

So don’t let it.

2. Find a good woman and keep her.

For most of the book he has been warning us to stay away from the “wrong kind” of woman. He is extremely descriptive of the bad girls.  Here in the final chapter He flips the coin and gives us an extremely descriptive run down of what a good girl looks like.

He seems to be saying…

“They are not all bad, get you a good one, treat her right and keep her, she’s a treasure.”


because a bad woman will mess you up…

but a good one…

will help you become who you need to be.

What did you see from the passage?

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