Things Grow in the Dark


Under the Rug

In the Closet

All things that wish to stay hidden, out of sight out of mind.

We hide, we close up windows, we make sure that none, no one period, will ever find out what we are hiding…

in the dark…

under the rug

in the closet.

Ignore.  We ignore what we have placed in the dark. Hoping the “absence of it” will kill it. But it doesn’t, it keeps growing, and growing till it no longer fits under the rug or in our closet becoming hard to hide… and soon it is exposed and it is not good… because nothing good grows in the dark.

We sweep situations under the rug like dust

We close up part of our lives because of hurt and despair unresolved.

We hide our pain, our concerns our hurt feelings… placing them in the dark, out of sight thinking we can go on and leave them there but we can’t for in the dark they grow and get bigger and become more of an issue than we ever wanted,  because hurt pain and suffering love the darkness because it is there they can grow like poisonous mold, creeping and growing until it has infected you to the very core.  You may want to leave it behind…

sweep it under the rug

shut it up int he closet…

but it will not let you as long as it is concealed in the dark.

But if it is brought to light.

If the hurt, the pain, the suffering is dealt with in the open, in the light…

it destroys the effects of the evil and replaces it with a life that is healthy.

Good things, healthy things grow in the light…

and dispels the darkness allowing regeneration to continue.

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