Things Grow in the Dark

Under the Rug In the Closet All things that wish to stay hidden, out of sight out of mind. We hide, we close up windows, we make sure that none, no one period, will ever find out what we are hiding… in the dark… under the rug in the closet. Ignore.  We ignore what we […]

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We all want to be wanted. There is nothing like it in the world For people to want you… to be around to be apart of their life We all want to be wanted We all want to belong and to fit in We all want to be accepted But often in life we are […]

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You + Hard Time = Vision

You know that hard time you are going through right now? The one that causes you pain you never intended to have? It is now producing a new vision for your life. It is because of that pain that you are now asking questions like… What does life look like outside of this mess? How […]

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