We all want to be wanted.

There is nothing like it in the world

For people to want you…

to be around

to be apart of their life

We all want to be wanted

We all want to belong and to fit in

We all want to be accepted

But often in life we are not

at least we do not feel that way

Sometimes we feel “alone in a crowded room”

Here’s the deal

it’s the way I get through situations where I feel unwanted

its a reminder really

from scripture

its the heart of the gospel

its the fact

that Jesus wants me

so much He died for me so He could accept me into His family.

Now this does not take away the hurt of rejection

but it sure does soften it

and places me on a road to recovery.

6 thoughts on “Wanted

  1. Pastor Phillip…saw your Rick Warren post…how true that is to live life out of Gods kingdom principles and not take the bait of satan by getting into a fight…one choice has Gods eternal reward/peace/growth and the other choice has turmoil/no inner peace/no inner growth. His next post said “only changed people change the world…..” thats so simple but oh so profound! Thank you for your daily thoughts on life…..even the funny ones like the school crossing guard.

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