Wanted AFV People

I like to watch AFV on TV.

Not because of the host… he is a bit corny.

But because of the things that people decide to do, mess up while doing them, then they take the video of the experience…

and broadcast it to the world.

Failure after failure.

It’s a group of people that based on their “performance” you would never hire…

you would never give them a job.

But should you?

I would consider it

and here is why…

1. AFV people are not afraid to try things, like snow boarding off a roof.

2. AFV people are not afraid to laugh about their mistakes.

3. AFV people are not afraid to admit they made a mistake, infact they will take credit for it on the ” world stage”

4. AFV people find the good in the accident that just happened.

5 AFV people know how to get the most out of life.

6 AFV people learn from their mistakes (after all you never see a part 2 of them doing the same thing).

I think I would rather hire people that take ownership of their mistakes than to hire “perfect people” who never admit they have made one (that everyone around them knows they have made).


Mistakes are how we learn.

Failures are really just gigantic steps forward.

When someone spends all their time covering up what they have done, they waist time they could have been taking to learn from their mistake and moving toward the freedom that comes with admitting they made one.

So, it’s time for us to all adopt the AFV “unspoken” motto

Let’s Say it out loud ” I made and Mistake… I’m sorry for it… now lets laugh and learn.”

It’s such a better way to live…

One thought on “Wanted AFV People

  1. As Schon and I’s Mississippi Pastor used to say you can say “amen”, or “oh me”….gotta love AFV people! I love them for they are the ones that would rather give grace than judgement!! Just sayin…

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