You + Hard Time = Vision

You know that hard time you are going through right now? The one that causes you pain you never intended to have?

It is now producing a new vision for your life.

It is because of that pain that you are now asking questions like…

What does life look like outside of this mess?

How can I get there?

What if your current crisis is actually the tool God has given you to renew, or come up with a new, direction for your life. What if the hard time you are experiencing is actually the tool God is using to develop the vision you have buried deep within you, the vision that will give you purpose, a vision of a new direction?

What if the cross Jesus requires us to carry is actually the foundation for what could be… the building block for the vision He has for your life?

If its trouble in your marriage, what does a good marriage look like? When you (and your spouse) get through these difficult moments what will your marriage look like?

Possible answers – we will be closer, more in love, we will not take each other for granted, we will be able to help others with the same sort of problems and show them it is worth it to stick together… (complete your picture of the vision here)

If it is trouble with our children, what should our relationship with our child look like once we are through this time of tension?

It is amazing how our children change and we don’t realize it until it causes us to bear a cross in our relationship with them.

The question is will we adjust our parenting style to fit the stage they are at in life? What do we want our relationship to look like on the other side of these “cross” issues?

Possible answers – I look forward to the day where I understand my child more, where I know them better, where I have adjusted my parenting to meet their needs, where I have adjusted it to where I am able to guide them better, with creditability and not just mere force…(Complete your picture of the vision here)

You + Hard Time = Vision

So ask yourself…

This “thing” I’m going through… how should the world look once I am finished with the pain? While asking this question pray about what you are thinking, seek the Lord’s wisdom on what “things” should look like on the other side of the mess.

And once you have that picture…

Do all you can to go in that direction…

for that is your vision!

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