Sometimes I come up with plans of how to accomplish a vision.  Plans that in my mind will work great. Plans that I get attached too. Maybe I attach myself to these plans because that gives me a level of security or maybe I attach myself to these plans because I do not like living […]

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Questions that Need Answering

Vision is a tricky thing. Some think they have a vision because they have “mission”, “purpose”, and “vision” statements. Statements are good and are needed as corner stones for what you are trying to do… but they do not give a picture of what your organization is headed toward, a picture of what you want […]

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You + Hard Time = Vision

You know that hard time you are going through right now? The one that causes you pain you never intended to have? It is now producing a new vision for your life. It is because of that pain that you are now asking questions like… What does life look like outside of this mess? How […]

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