Questions that Need Answering


Vision is a tricky thing.

Some think they have a vision because they have “mission”, “purpose”, and “vision” statements.

Statements are good and are needed as corner stones for what you are trying to do…


they do not give a picture of what your organization is headed toward, a picture of what you want it to look like in the future.

To cast a vision, (to paint a picture of your vision)  is really not something that can done in just a few words.  The answer to the question of “what are we trying to do?” can be done in just a few words… but what it looks like takes a bit more explanation. For it is has to be sketched, tempered and painted.

And that takes time.

So… Here are some questions your vision must answer.

What is the vision?

What will it accomplish? What problem does it fix?

What will things look like? How is that different than now?

Is what you are doing now match what you say your vision is?

Why is this important to give my life too? Why should I (or people) “sign up” for this vision?

I was indirectly challenged yesterday to think about these things in a meeting I was in.  And even though I walked away from that meeting not really knowing what the vision was for that particular organization, it was challenging to me in regards to the ministry at Farmington Baptist.  I definitely do not want the people that go there to not fully understand what we are trying to accomplish.  I do not want them to walk away wondering what our vision really is.

We must continually communicate the vision, answering the questions above as often as we can.

As for the organization (or church) you are with.  The same task sits at your doorstep whether you want it to or not.

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