Devotions for 2/27/13

For those of you who signed up to receive a copy of our new devotional material (As a result of the message Crave) for FBC these blog post will cover the days between now and when you receive your printed material.  Please note, the info below is not original with me but comes from that devotional material. Also I will have to delete the previous devotionals,  when I post this one for I can only have one posted at a time. (Again because this material is not original with me) That said, here we go…

“being restored”

Read Luke 22:24-34

say what? – What do I see?

so what? – What does it mean?

now what? – How does it apply to me?

then what? – What do I do?

In today’s reading, Jesus gives some encouraging words to us about our sin. Did you notice them? It is also important to keep this truth in mind when those around us fail. It is the reality that when we fail and turn back to God, He will restore us to usefulness in His service. Jesus had a conversation with Peter in the upper room. In it He warned Peter that he would fail. He wanted Peter to know ahead of time that, while he was going to fail, he would also turn back and useful service would be waiting. This is even more amazing because Christ told Peter this before he denied Him. How those words must have encouraged him when he did fail. He learned that God is the God of second chances. We need these words of encouragement today. In reality, we will all fail at times, and we must be assured that when we confess sin and turn back to God, He will forgive us and make us useful in ministry again. Peter failed miserably, but God desired to use him. His failure did not mean his service for God was over. Let these words encourage your heart and use them to encourage others. God is waiting to use us again.

eXtra reading – Luke 22

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