The Possum Chronicles XXXI

Possum on the fence

Grissum – Well… I’m tired of living out doors, hanging from trees to sleep and scrounging for food.

Newsum – Me too

Dumsum – Me five

Knowsum rolls his eyes.

Grissum – So where do you think we should live?

Dumsum – Pick me Pick me Pick me!!!

Grissum – OK Dumsum where would you move too.

Dumsum – I Won!!!

Knowsum – Oh Brother!

Newsum – I really don’t like your brother and he still lives outdoors right?


Newsum – What?  What?

Grissum – Ok… here is what we are going to do… each of us is going to go looking for a place where we can live that is in doors and is big enough to store our food in.

Dumsum – and big enough to poop in


Dumsum feels its sting

Knowsum – No… we don’t want to smell that where we live

Dumsum – well its not like we don’t do that now


Dumsum with 3 paw prints on his face

Newsum – thats outside and everywhere we go, not indoors you fool.

Dumsum – Oh… yea… didn’t think of that…..

…my cheeks are really warm.


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