A group of sheep got together one day and began talking about things and life including their sheepfold.  As they talked they decided they need to hire themselves a shepherd.

After all, the other flocks around them had one, so they thought they needed one too.

So the search was on.

Day after day week after week they looked and looked and looked until they found one. With raised tail and much joy they voted to hire the one they liked.

“Now your job” they told their new shepherd,  “is to make sure we are taken care of and that you are always available… if and when we need you.”

So the sheep chose where they would graze

and the shepherd followed

The sheep chose when they would go back in the fold

and the shepherd followed

They chose what in the fold needed fixing

and the shepherd made sure that happened

Over time the sheep remained the same, eating where they wanted, doing what they wanted…

with their eyes fixed on what they wanted….

never really understanding what they needed…

that’s why they hired the type of shepherd that worked for them…

instead of Jesus.

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