The Lazy Stewardship Manager


Luke 16 tells a story of a rich man who had a manager working for him that had been very lazy.  Instead of making sure that the debts that were owed to him were repaid this manager did nothing to collect what the debtors owed his boss.

He would do the work to lend the money but would not do the work to collect the money when it was due.

Maybe it was because it is easier to lend than to get payment for a bill

Maybe it was because everyone is happy when you give them the money they requested but not so happy when the paying time comes around.

Maybe he was just that lazy… maybe he just gave money away without recording how much was lent thus wasting his master’s money.

Somewhere down the line his boss realized there was a problem. So, he said turn in your ledger, you’re finished with handling my money.  YOU’RE FIRED…


The manager, not being sure what to do but realizing he needed to do something, began to meet with all the people he had lent his boss’ money to.  Because of his laziness he had their names written down (or knew them by memory) but had not recorded how much each debtor owed.  So, he had to ask them how much they owed ( based on the honor system) then he worked out a deal for them to be able to pay back what they owed…

with money saving incentives.

After receiving payments for some (or all) of the debts, he brought his ledger book (now filled out) and the money he received to his boss and gave it to him.  His boss was trilled with the fact he had received payment for the debts and even though it wasn’t the full amount it was better than never seeing the money again.

So, he commended the manager on attempting to make things right and not burn a bridge on the way out.  He commended him for his prudence, wisdom, and shrewdness.

It seems that the shock of losing his job jump stared him out of his laziness and pushed him into a position where he moved to make things right.

The question the text leaves us with, is why doesn’t the “sons of light” respond in the same way when faced with an issue?

Maybe its because they would rather keep up appearances by saying they’ve been treated unjustly.  Which is dishonest way to live.

If people who do not profess to follow Christ change when presented with a moral issue they need to correct and go to great lengths to make it right with the person or persons they have wronged… why shouldn’t the “sons of light” do the same thing?

Or even be better at it?

Maybe it is time for “the sons of light” to admit they are wrong too and do something to make it up to the people that have been wronged…

Instead of spending all their time hiding the issue they need to deal with,  the first reaction should be trying to find ways to make it right.

For that is shrewd, prudent and wise.

What is your first reaction when you are approached with something you have done wrong?

Is it cover up or I’ve got to find a way to make this right.

That is the challenge I got out of our devotions for today from Luke 16:1-13.  When in the wrong, we must accept it and deal with it shrewdly to make it right.

Anything else is dishonest.

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