Spiritual ADD


It is hard to keep commitments in this life.

Especially those of a spiritual nature.

We live in a world that constantly competes for our attention.  You hear it in people’s conversations, see it in actions and good intentions gone slack.

We are good for the first couple of days with a New Years resolution.

We are good for the first couple of days with a spiritual commitment. (to pray, read our Bibles, or attend worship services)

We are good at choosing to do the right thing, intending for it to become a life long habit but soon, if we are not careful, it wains, momentum slows down and soon we find ourselves in a position where we need to make the commitment again….

just a few days later.

Paul knew this when he instructed us to run with diligence the race that is set before us.

Knowing the human tendency to quit and not realize it, he encouraged us to do the hard work it takes to stay the course.  He wanted us to live with a strong spiritual discipline… where we continue to run the course God has set before us without wavering,  reading the word everyday, taking time to stop to be alone with God (not in your car but alone time doing nothing but focusing on God) and making sure we join our other brothers and sisters to worship, learn and serve with them at every opportunity we can.

How are you doing on your spiritual commitments?

Don’t fall for spiritual ADD…

If you have, renew that commitment and do what it takes to stick with it.

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