The intolerant tolerant

Just for the record, there is no lawsuit out there where those who believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman have “pressed charges against those who believe differently”. Nor is there an example where people were forced to quit doing charity work by those who believe in the traditional marriage model. […]

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Own It

In life when a mistake is made, don’t cover it up, deny it, or make like it is nothing. Own It. If you are a leader and make a mistake Own It and learn from it… for that is better for your organization If you are a parent and make a mistake… Own It and […]

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You + Hard Time = Vision

You know that hard time you are going through right now? The one that causes you pain you never intended to have? It is now producing a new vision for your life. It is because of that pain that you are now asking questions like… What does life look like outside of this mess? How […]

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Cutting Board – Awakening Part 5

The cutting board is a compilation of notes that were cut from the sermon. They are not always smooth, or concluding. There will be many open ended statements that are not unpacked, but I feel they are important to be shared here as thought provokers and discussion starters. Gen 1 we were uniquely created – […]

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