Cutting Board – Awakening Part 5

The cutting board is a compilation of notes that were cut from the sermon. They are not always smooth, or concluding. There will be many open ended statements that are not unpacked, but I feel they are important to be shared here as thought provokers and discussion starters.

Gen 1 we were uniquely created – the only ones in creation that are made in the image of God.

We are different but the same – male and female – Adam knew Eve was like him but different – thus bone of my bone (same) I’ll call her woman (different). (I pray for Ellen DeGeneres). It wasn’t another man.

Same… one flesh – but different – men go out to look for helpers – equal but different – we bear His image but we are different – do you affirm that difference?

He chose you to be his helper

She chose you to be her man…

We can’t really go any further in this passage until both the man and the woman decide to submit to God’s creative order.

5:22-24 – what do you do with that?

Do you act in loving consideration for your husband? Or are you trying to control Him?

Do you act in loving consideration for your husband? Or do you just want to hurt Him and hold him down?

Deep down inside of every woman is a strong desire to be in charge… that came as a curse from the forbidden fruit.

We are the same but different.

5:25-33 – What do you do with that?

You are under the authority of God, Jesus.

You are to present her to the Lord as better than when you first “got her” – your job is to have a refining loving affect so when you present her to Christ she is more like Christ on the day you present her to Him than when you met her.

That takes a “servant” spirit. A watching out for her well being. The thing that Adam did not do when she pulled the forbidden fruit off the vine.

He listened and did not lead……

We often listen and choose not to lead.

You are responsible for the spiritual condition of your family not your wife. It is something you have to fight for…. it is something you have to live for.

Condition of the marriage relationship today. Submission…. looking out for each others good seems to be out the window

Everyone has a calling…. your first calling if you are married is husband and wife…. if you have children 2nd to that is father and mother…. one of the foundational things you can do as a parent is show the type of submission that is mentioned here in this passage.

He needs your help managing the home….. He needs your support… She needs your support.

You’re not better…

You’re the same…. just different.

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