Random Thursday

1- yes it is 3:53am, nothing more needs to be said.

2- Oh… that was a yawn! Yea! Ok don’t get to excited or you want be able to go back to sleep.

3- Every leader must realize that the way we steward our role and our influence will impact every leader that comes behind us…. when we are gone. The way you act now, will become the lens of interpretation the people use on the leader that comes behind you. Your responsibility is to not leave a mess. Your responsibility is to leave an environment of trust and competence that opens the door for the next leader to do what God is leading them to do.

4- Have you ever noticed that UPS drivers are down to earth sort of people and FEDEX drivers are business minded? (Just here to get the Job done… sort of in a rush.)

5- Francis Chan is coming out with a book called Erasing Hell. Next month I think…

6- To whom much is given much is required… “translation” to whom much is given much must be given back.

7- You know, when it comes to living the life Jesus wants you to live… other people in your life may do things but you might not be able to. That’s ok… its better that way.

8- A leader not only sets the pace for your organization, “he” also sets the culture for your community.

9- No matter where I sit as a leader (the head of the organization, the second in command, the middle of the pack) I must always sit in the middle of Scripture… especially the “to whom much is given much is required” one.

10- Squirrel

11- By the way… 3 through where ever this Randomness ends was written after 7:30am. Its 4:32pm now

12- Last sermon in the Awakening series is this Sunday.

13- Our first swim meet is tonight….

14- Wives are not held into account for the spiritual condition of their husbands.

One thought on “Random Thursday

  1. really random dad… why did you write this anyway?

    yes, that was a yawn. OK don’t get exited or you WANT (????) be able to go back to sleep.

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