The intolerant tolerant


Just for the record, there is no lawsuit out there where those who believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman have “pressed charges against those who believe differently”. Nor is there an example where people were forced to quit doing charity work by those who believe in the traditional marriage model.


However that is not true of those who have a more “tolerant” view of the institution of marriage.

Here are just a few of the many examples of the intolerant tolerance from those from the other side…

New York:

New Mexico:


  • David & Tonia Parker were given no right to opt their kindergartner out of instruction on gay “marriage” or even get prior notice of such instruction—despite their religious beliefs. David was even arrested for refusing to leave until the school provided him some accommodation for his family’s beliefs.


  • Jim & Mary O’Reilly, B&B owners, were sued for discrimination and forced to settle the case due to significant economic loss to their business after they refused to provide their services to a same-sex wedding because of their deeply held Catholic beliefs.


  • Christian bakery owners face a discrimination complaint for refusing to make a cake for a same-sex ceremony—they may be punished with fines or even jail time!


  • Barronelle Stutzman, a florist for 30 years, faces a discrimination lawsuit by the ACLU and the State of Washington for refusing to do the flowers for a gay “wedding” based on her Christian beliefs.·


We can conclude, just as we have always known, that the marriage issue was more of an attack on the freedom of religion than a fight for love. Marriage is not a civil right, no more than flying an F -14 is. But your religious belief system is. All people of all races are to have the right to believe as they choose and no one should be forced to do something they feel a strong conviction not to do.

No one

White, Black, Mexican, Japanese, Jewish,Greek, etc…

or as I like to say… Any AMERICAN

has the right to adopt a belief system, worship as they choose and proclaim what they believe to others without being suppressed.

Do I wish all people believed in Jesus?


Do I think that they should be forced to?


Do I think that religious ideas should have freedom of expression in our free country?


Do I think people should have the freedom to live their faith openly without hinderance?

Yes… as long as they are not flying airplanes into buildings, killing or physically harming people with their actions…

Like lawsuits or forcing people to sign things they do not agree with.

I am glad to live in North Carolina, because at least for now we are free.

God help America wake up soon before it is too late.

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