Own It

In life when a mistake is made, don’t cover it up, deny it, or make like it is nothing.

Own It.

If you are a leader and make a mistake

Own It and learn from it… for that is better for your organization

If you are a parent and make a mistake…

Own It and learn from it… for that is better for your family.

If you make a mistake as a spouse…

Own It… for that is better for your marriage

You get the picture

We are real good at making other people own their mistakes, pushing them and making them feel bad about messing up.  But how are we when it comes to our mistakes?

Do you believe you make mistakes?

When is the last time you made one?

If you think you rarely make one… well that’s a mistake and its time to open your eyes and own up to it.

To cover a mistake up, deny that one was made, or come up with reasons why someone else “made you do it” just wraps it up in a nice package that looks good on the outside while the mistake still exists on the inside and will be there until you find the courage to deal with it head on by unwrapping it.

Maybe for you today… its time to unwrap somethings by saying – I made a mistake here and am sorry for it.  Then take appropriate steps to correct it.

For that is the only way you can fix it and move on.

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