Own It

In life when a mistake is made, don’t cover it up, deny it, or make like it is nothing. Own It. If you are a leader and make a mistake Own It and learn from it… for that is better for your organization If you are a parent and make a mistake… Own It and […]

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Steven King gets it right. Yep… You read that right. In his book “Needful Things” he tells a story of a town in Maine that is like any other town for it is filled with people who have bitterness, secret resentment, and envy but they hide it from each other. Then he introduces a new […]

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Cry Wolf!

When you get the inclination to slam, and bash people close to you (or other wise)… its a moment to cry “wolf!”. In the conversation where someone else’s character is being smeared… even if the situation is true… its a moment to cry “wolf!” Jesus says that wolves come into our lives looking like sheep. […]

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I continue to learn each day about relationships and how they work. Here are a few things that have come to mind as I sit here late at night, right before I head off for a good nights sleep. 1. When there is a conflict or a tense situation, it is always good to reflect […]

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