It’s Coming…


It’s coming…

make no mistake

the signs are everywhere

the push back on Christianity is stronger now than it ever has been

Some of it is our fault, we do not always address issues with wisdom and we tend to address them in ways that do not connect with the culture around us and often Christian’s do not live out their belief systems which damages the integrity of our faith.

Some of it comes from the fact that the way we live challenges the world’s system of living.

Some of it is because the world does not understand why certain things are so important to us, and we may not even understand the importance of what we believe nor the positive impact those beliefs have on the quality of human life when lived out.

What is very apparent is, we are being challenged on every level. The world is on the offensive and the target is us.

So what do we do?

1. Think… don’t say stupid things. Think in such away that you have personally figured out why God wants us to live a certain way. Think and meditate on the whys of His instructions to us.

2. Quit holding on to quick cheep answers… instead do #1

3. Quit acting stupid… (instead do #1) it hurts the cause of Christ when we do not act right. The news media is looking for the wacko stories where someone is yelling or acting ridiculous to make their case against us . Think before you do something, before you write something, before you say something… see #1 above

4. It is time for us to reinvent discipleship, not only should we teach doctrine, the historical facts of the Bible and the way it says to live our lives. We must do it in such away where it answers the issues that have been shoved into our faces. It must be done in such away that we learn how to do #1 above, a habit that would help us and our responses to be a strong substantial witnesses for Christ rather than something to be laughed at. It doesn’t bother me when people laugh at us because of an intelligent stand that they see as stupid… it bothers me when I see them laughing at something that we have said that truly is… sadly…. laughable

5. Pray and do #1 above.

We have lost a lot of ground… and it’s time to make a comeback.

Let’s do this!

See #1 above

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