Every now and then I tell my kids stories, some I make up, others I rearrange while others start like something they have heard before but end differently…

Here is the one I told them yesterday.

Let me tell you an “old Indian story” (This always gets their attention)

Once there live a vulture who loved to eat things that were dead. So much so he would go to “any links” to do it.

One day he spotted a corpse of a fox on a big hunk of ice floating down a river heading toward Niagara Falls.

Not being able to resist the temptation of a “good meal” he flew to the ice and began to eat the fox.

He invited his friends to come and dine but they would not join him. So he wound up having the whole meal to himself.

As the river rounded a corner he looked up and saw the falls just ahead. His friends that had been watching on the shore recognized the danger he was in and they cried out to him to fly away, fearing for his life. But he ignored them because the fox meat was just “too good.”

“After all” he told himself,” I have wings and am free to do what I want. Also I will have time right before the ice block goes over the falls to spread my wings and fly away.”

So he continued to eat and soon finished the meal. After licking his beak he brought his wings into fling position but but couldn’t gain lift off because while he was eating his talons had become frozen to the ice.

By the time he cried for help, it was too late for the ice was already dragging him over the falls…

and with a full stomach he fell to his death.

Now you may be asking why…

Not why did I tell my children this story…

not that question…

but why did I post this today?

Well, I might use it tonight in our Bible study on Hebrews 6… so you get the first glimpse of it here and a chance to figure out how it will be used.

Good Luck.

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