Less is More

At the beginning of the fall (2011) I took on too many home projects. All in one week I decided to paint my house, rework and mulch the flower beds, do something with my deck (it was falling a part) clean out my Attic, seed my yard, finish our kitchen remodeling project and fix various spots around my house that need attention.

Sitting here at the beginning of February 2012, none of those things have been accomplished and I find myself frustrated and some what depressed that I just can’t seem to accomplish these things.

The fact is I took on too many projects at one time and it has some what paralyzed me.

Not overwhelmed…

one step beyond that…


I really should have just started one thing and saw it to completion and then chose another project to do.

If I had taken that strategy I would not be sitting here today with nothing accomplished and a lot of things started.

I know better than this…

I do.

Often this same sort of thing happens in churches. Everyone wants to start ministries, but few want to maintain them. This causes a huge amount of frustration, because we wind up having too much to do and the church winds up being paralyzed from doing anything with excellence. It gets to the point we feel like we just can’t get anything done.

My “friend” Andy Stanley says “less is more”

And this is true. You can’t do a bunch of things well… but you can do a few things with excellence.

“Less is more”

So our calendar at FBC is not filled with a bunch of activity, in fact if you look at it looks like we are not doing a bunch of stuff… and that is exactly right for that enables us to do the few things we do with the best of our ability…

and we believe that is the best testimony we can give to our community and the best representation we can have…

for Jesus.

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