Questions for Passing on Info


These questions come from our message from Sunday titled “Finish Well”  you can watch it by clicking here or download the podcast by clicking here.  These are a set of questions I go through that prevents me from sharing information that should be protected.  (It also is a measure to determine if you are listening to Gossip or not.)

Is it necessary to say this?

Is this confidential info?

Do I have the right to pass this on?

Is it personal to you? (Proverbs 6:16-19) – if it has gotten personal do not share it.

Who is the source of this information? (if they say I can’t tell you that in order to protect their source then stop the conversation there) – (see sermon for details))

Will this benifit the person who hears this info?

Can they do anything about it? Or is this just hear say into someone’s ears?

Is the information you are holding on to right now verified information because you spoken with the person face to face that is in question? (Never move on unverified information.)

Again this post will make a bit more sense if you listen to the sermon.

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