Feels Good Today

The sun is out and it is warm outside.

57 degrees warm.

Which is interesting since my house in the winter time is kept at 68 degrees and we feel like we are freezing at times in our home.  But for some reason this outside temperature is different, it feels warm though it is 11 degrees colder than our living environment. It could be the fact that the sun is shining and feels warm to the touch.

The sun is out and it is beautiful outside.

The funny thing is the landscape of my yard and the surrounding area hasn’t changed over the last few months (with the exception of a tree we cut down and ice and snow that landed a few times)  The difference is the sun is out, and things are bright making the gray days, the days without the sun’s visual presence… disappear into visual beauty.

The sun is out and I am glad.

It just feels good!

The truth is, that everyday is a day that the Lord has made…

but the days that include a bit of sunshine is just an added blessing to rejoice in.



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