Questions for Passing on Info

These questions come from our message from Sunday titled “Finish Well”  you can watch it by clicking here or download the podcast by clicking here.  These are a set of questions I go through that prevents me from sharing information that should be protected.  (It also is a measure to determine if you are listening […]

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Day 21

(Proverbs 21) Think of the driest most inhabitable place you can think of… You know like a desert… With out water or plant life…. Nothing but brown sand and visual heat for miles and miles and miles… A contentious woman… That nags and nags and nags makes a desert look like Tahiti. To get away […]

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Day 20

(Proverbs 20) I like to win… make no mistake… losing is not an option for me. But I have been on the losing side more times than I would like to admit. It is easy to know how to win a game, or a competition. All you have to do is play the game better […]

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Day 19

(Proverbs 19) I desire to be a part of something that lasts. It would be great if by the time I die we would see the landscape of American culture drastically change for the better, that it would turn from its current direction to a focus on God. I am not sure how to do […]

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Day 18

(Proverbs 18) How many Facebook friends do you have? Is it a lot? Are there many people following you? When you walk into church, does everyone recognize you, say hi to you, and give you an ol “How are you today?” Do you like the fact you have a lot of friends? What I have […]

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Day 14

(Proverbs 14) This is a great one for a Monday… a rainy Monday at that! “Even in laughter the heart may ache, and the end of joy maybe grief” (14:13) I’ve done it and you may have too…. Received a phone call that contained some painful information and had to put on a smile in […]

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