SS 01.2

(Read SS 01.1 before reading this one -)

The room was filled with noise. In the front of the room two images took up all the wall space. The floor contained four rows of desk that contained 15 work spaces each with triple monitors. Bald, blond, brown and black heads trickled through out those spaces, each focused on the task at hand. Two guys and a middle aged woman stood in a corner all taking part in a serious discussion.

She slowly moved throughout the room. No one noticed her. No one glanced in her direction. How could they? They were focused on solving the task at hand and for that she was grateful. She walked up behind the last row of desk and looked intently at the various video images that were displayed on the monitors with the sides of her hair falling forward with the curvature of her frontward lean. She searched taking each image in as much as possible hoping to see something that would bring her a little bit of hope.

The man she was now behind picked up his soda can and took a sip. He let it roll over his tongue before he committed to swallowing it. He was thinking, processing and determining his next steps. With a few key strokes he switched from one of the video feeds to some type of communication screen. Quickly he typed and though she could not understand the language he was using she knew he was giving instructions and making adjustments. He then enlarged one of the live feeds and watched to see if any of his instructions worked.

“Mrs. Diskson…”

“Yes,” she said as she turned around.

“You may feel more comfortable in our lounge area.”

“Dr. Lewis, we have been friends for a long time and before that you watched me grow up and was at my wedding. You know I am more at peace in here keeping a watch on things than I would be anywhere else.”

“Yes… I know…”

He paused a moment. He looked at her with reassurance and support. He had always felt like she was part his own family. An unofficial adopted child if you will.

“Let’s not be so professional Emily”

Emily nodded her head and turned back to her observations. Dr. Lewis’ arm made its way around her neck as he rested his hand on her shoulder. “Can I get you anything to drink or a snack?”

Emily placed her hand on top of his and patted it for just a moment, “Thank you Clive, but I’m good right now.”

As Clive turned around a man that was probably in his mid 50s entered the room. He wore a black business suit with a white dress shirt, no tie. Kind of like the guys in Oceans Eleven but not quite as cool. His face was somewhat round with hints of a man in his early 40s but some of its wrinkles and obvious botox areas said other wise. His hair was professionally groomed, eyebrows were perfectly manicured and even with a slight over weight presence – that gave away his true age- he still looked like a man who had it together. For those who knew him he was undeniably intelligent, professional, relational and not just a business man but a real leader. A visionary of visionaries.

“Alright… where are we at?”

At that moment everyone in the room stopped what they were doing, stood up and faced him.


…everyone except Emily who just took one step to her right so she could continue to monitor images she was looking at.

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