(Short Story #01 Part 1 = SS 01.1)

The light from the mirror glistened on her cheeks. Her black silky hair laid perfectly on her her shoulders as her brown eyes studied the reflection before her. She wanted to be sure of herself but deep down inside she was scared. The news was just so harsh. How could this happen? Why did it happen, and what should her reaction be?

Her body was already answering the last question on its own. Her stomach felt queasy, her noise was filling with snot and water flowed in slow-motion from her eyes. She knew she had to get this under control. She could not allow herself to be taken away by these emotions. If she did she knew she would be come un-rational and that is not what her family needed right now, or what her kids needed. Emotions are good but if they are allowed to exist without some form of control they will take your whole psyche to a very dark place. She could not allow that to happen especially considering what was at stake now, at this moment.

Water on

Flowing through the faucet

Hands cupped, filled with just enough to wet her face.

A splash

A quick wipe from a paper towel

Then with a reflective glance and a breathy sigh and she was off.

She turned the door handle, opened the door and turned left and began to walk down the hallway. Everything seemed to bein slow motion and the hall seemed longer than before but she finally made it back.

Back to where she would face her new reality head on….

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