Day 31

I know… I know. Proverbs 31 devotionals are usely written by a lady. So we are going against the grain here and this is why…

We have read, over and over again about not chasing the adulterous, skimpy clothed, sensual, poisonously attractive woman. Do not have a relationship with her, proverb’s teaches… she will eat you alive and take you for all you’re worth.

Proverbs 31 describes a woman that is above all of that. She is described as a woman that is….

is noble
is worth more than rubies
has earned her husband’s confidence
works hard
is disciplined
serves her family
is a business woman
is strong
is a good steward of her resources
helps the poor and needy
decorates her home
dresses well
is married to a respected man
has dignity
speaks with wisdom
gives faithful instruction
is not idle
is blessed by her children
is praised by her husband

Now if you are looking for some one to marry (with the exception of the references here to children or husband) this is the type of lady you want to grab a hold of and pursue… (i.e. someone who isn’t married.)

If you are the husband that has this type of lady as your wife, you need to hold on to her with all you have.

You also need to keep in mind what is not listed in this passage….

Her coffee table never has dust on it.

Many have eaten off of her kitchen floor.

Immaculate Home Magazine just did a photo shoot in her living room.

She does all of the housework herself while the kids play video games.

All of the words that flow from her children’s mouths are blessed.

All of her children are straight A students, musical geniuses, and all-star athletes.

Her hair is always fixed perfectly and her make-up is artfully applied.

She does not touch make-up or hairspray because it is vain and the art of Satan.

She never makes a bad decision.

She is classroom mom, PTO President, the bearer of orange slices at soccer games, and the church committee queen.

These things are not listed in Porverbs 31… why?

Because your wife (or the one you are pursuing if you are single and looking) does not have to be perfect. She just needs to be someone with a great character.

Not sleazy, but beautiful.

Not foolish in her actions, but wise.

She needs to be a lady that is (or will be) in it (the marriage) for the long hall.

Yep… thats a lady worth having… I think the Lord for mine!

So what did you see from the passage today?

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