SS 01.4

(Before Reading this Post Read SS 01.1 and SS 01.2 and SS 01.3)


That was the main concern.

The ship could run on Auxiliary power indefinitely unless of course the sun decided not to shine anymore.


They had been using the emergency tanks for the last three and a half days. The gages told them they might have another 24 hours but that was debatable. The good news was they felt like they had fixed the damage caused by the other ship.

Yes, you heard that right…

the other ship.

It seems that after they had left, (and were glad they did). Unknown to them someone or a group of people boarded the original space craft and took off. Because both ships would eventually follow the same route into earth, they had collided and both – now -were floating in space trying to assess and fix the damage that was caused by the collision. How the other ship caught up with them is an intriguing mathematical equation and Diskson very much wanted to figure that out – but – that was a project for another time…

Like when they had all made it back to Earth.

“On my mark let’s try to start the propulsion system.”

“Roger that..”

“3, 2, 1”


another click and another

then a slight vibration

“propulsion system is a go!”

Sighs of relief and excitement.

“Alright fellas lets get everything up and running. I have a visual on the other ship. Let’s try not to bump into it.”

“Roger that.”

35 minutes pass

“Ok lets inform command central of our condition. I’m going to try to communicate with the other ship to see how they are and if we can help them”

“NCC-1101 this is NCC-1102 do you copy?”


“NCC-1101 this is NCC-1102 do you copy?”

“NCC-1102 this is NCC-1101 we read you. How is your ship? Over.”

“Our ship is up and running now and we think we can make it back to Earth, over.”

“That is good news, we were waiting on that. Now let’s discuss how we are going to re-enter the atmosphere with out crashing into each other again. Over”

“Am I speaking to the Captain? This is Diskson. Over”

“Affirmative and I have those two ladies on board with me. When we get back to Earth you and I need to team up and push for policies that will prevent this from happening in the future. Over”

“Sounds good, but my concern right now is getting back, what are your orders sir? Over.”

It took two days to get everything programed and ready for reentry but once it was complete both ships made it back safely. NCC-1101 landed at the Johnson Space Center and NCC-1102 landed at the Kennedy Space Center.

Welcomes were warm and friendly.

It is said that Bobby and Emily’s and Jimmy (The Captian) and Clare’s marriages were the strongest ones on Earth after this intergalactic test.

And I guess that is really the point of this whole story.

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