SS 01.3

Read SS 01.1 and SS 01.2 Before Reading this Post

(Read SS 01.1 and SS 01.2 Before Reading this Post)

The meeting wasn’t very long. There was really nothing significant to report. Nothing had changed. Once it was over she turned and walked slowly to the back of the room. The man nodded in her direction and left. She sat down in a chair that was up against the wall. She opened her pocketbook that was on a table beside the chair and got out her makeup kit and made some adjustments. Once done, she returned it, leaned back in the chair and relaxed a moment.

The tensions and the stresses of the day were wearing her out.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want Bobby to go she did. The fact that it would be 3 years before he returned was not an issue, though she really missed him once he was gone. At any given point while he was there he was either 34 or 122 million miles away from her. They could still communicate of course but the house was empty and life was empty without him. But she was proud of Robert and had full confidence he would safely return one day.

The problem she had was 2 months after the Mars Research Team had lifted off from The Kennedy Space Center, the “powers at be” began to talk about how the men that went on the trip (there were no women who went this time) would have “other natural needs” besides just water, food and sleep. So a group of people started a gofundme account to send two women to mars to help with these assumed needs. Within 24 hours the gofundme account was fully funded. This funding not only included the cost of the trip for the two women but also the additional astronauts, the ship and the fuel to get them there.

This infuriated her…

and she was very vocal about it to the leadership begging them not to do it. She sited moral standards but to her horror they were rejected. They said..

“The morality that exist here on Earth doesn’t work on a place like Mars, therefore earthly ethical considerations are of no value to the psychological, and physical needs and other conditions people that explore another planet will have. It is our obligation to do what we can to meet those needs so they can do their work without those obstacles.”

Then with out blinking an eye she took one step forward and said…

“According to God, if He says it wrong here it is also wrong there. This will not go unnoticed by Him.”

“Mam, it sounds like you are a bit insecure about your relationship with your husband.”

“Nope,” Emily replied “But I guarantee as soon as that rocket ship lands my husband will be trying to find a way home because he will not want to live in that environment. He did not sign up for what you are sending to him.”

“You keep believing that…. but when it is clear that your prediction isn’t true we will be ready and will proved you with some counseling options that will help you deal with your emotional problems.”

“Oh I see…” she said nodding her head. “Then in that case… If I am right and you are wrong, I want you to promise me in writing that no charges will be brought against my husband regarding anything he had to do to get back home to me.”

“Yea, sure.” they said with grins on their faces and to her surprise before the day was out she had official paper work that exonerated Robert Dickson regardless of what he had to do to leave Mars early.

Now, as she sat in her chair, she smiled as she pictured the moment Bobby decided he needed to come home. There was the seemingly spontaneous tour of the ship. Then a brief discussion and a decision to leave. (“to get out of there quickly” according to Diskson’s account)

The subsequent space ship lifting off…

the reactions of those left behind…

all within two hours of the ship’s arrival.

Now, the only people on board was two of the astronauts that came with the ladies and Bobby.

Her Bobby…

Robert Diskson.


… 7 months into the return trip, as the spaceship made its way around the moon. Something happened and for the last 72 hours there had been no communication and no-one could find where the spaceship was located.

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