Sometimes life hits you with a twist. Sometimes it’s tight, sometimes it’s loose, sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it brings joy, sometimes pain but regardless twist and turns come.

Some you can see…

some you suspect but don’t believe…

and some that hit you right out of the blue.

Sometimes the twists make you wonder what God is doing for some of them come as a string of losses.

I’m in one of those times.

The twists and grins of church ministry, being a pastor and being a father    often come at lightening speed. And just when you think you are at a break through moment in it all there comes news that breaks your heart, breaks your spirit and makes you wonder about the benefit of it all.

Is it really worth it?

and of course at this point in the post I should really insert some sort of “spiritual phrase”…

but I can’t bring myself to do it just yet.

But maybe soon it will happen…

until then all that is left is to remain faithful, do what I’m called to do and leave the rest to God.

And that is really enough…

even though right now it doesn’t feel that way.

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