This year I “cleaned out” some of our “old” Christmas Music that we do not listen to as much any more.  Some of it was digital, some were CDs.  But they have now been stored on a shelf not to be used this Christmas season.

They are stored and will not be a part of our life this year.

The other side of the coin is there is music that will be played as we live and breath this Christmas season.  The music will be played in our house, and in our cars… at will from storage devices called iPods.

Music that has been stored for use.

I think this is the way we often use the Bible. Passages that  we like we hold on to  and the ones we do not like so much ( those that are hard to live by) we shelve and pay them no attention, taking them out of the play list of life.

But what if you and I decided to make an effort each day to store the word of God in our hearts with the intention of playing it’s truths with our lives….

Would that change things?

I think it would

Psalm 119:11

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