Sometimes life hits you with a twist. Sometimes it’s tight, sometimes it’s loose, sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it brings joy, sometimes pain but regardless twist and turns come. Some you can see… some you suspect but don’t believe… and some that hit you right out of the blue. Sometimes the twists make you […]

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I continue to learn each day about relationships and how they work. Here are a few things that have come to mind as I sit here late at night, right before I head off for a good nights sleep. 1. When there is a conflict or a tense situation, it is always good to reflect […]

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The #1 Leadership Distraction

The question isn’t what will happen if something goes wrong. The analysis isn’t everything is bad and nothing will ever go right. The attitude toward others should NOT be, I don’t like them therefore they will never be able to do anything right. The objective should NOT be, I’ll just wait till they do something […]

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A Pastor’s Accountability

Now, The post here comes from a conversation I had with a pastor friend of mine a few weeks back. From that conversation I jotted down some blog ideas,  this is the 5th and last of those. If you want to catch up… the links to the posts are… King Jesus The Shepherd is King […]

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The Shepherd is King

Jesus is not only King He is a Shepherd His concern is leading us through this life Beside still waters To places of nourishment He leads us through the dark times we experience in life, so there is never a reason to fear. He guides He moves us He is a Shepherd because as King […]

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