Day 15

(Proverbs 15) “The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord, but the prayer of the up right is acceptable to Him” (15:8) There are somethings the Lord refuses to accept and the sacrifice of the wicked is one of those. Whether it is because they do it out of ritual or just […]

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Sometimes life hits you with a twist. Sometimes it’s tight, sometimes it’s loose, sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it brings joy, sometimes pain but regardless twist and turns come. Some you can see… some you suspect but don’t believe… and some that hit you right out of the blue. Sometimes the twists make you […]

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Is God Sufficient?

Is God Sufficient? “Yes” Are you sure? “Yes” Is He able to supply your needs? “Yes” Is He able to grow you spiritually? “Yes” Is He able to supply your needs where you are? “Umm, yes but I might need to make some changes in order for that to happen” What kind of changes? “Well, […]

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