Love People

Love people in the same way that I have loved you.  This is what Jesus told His disciples to do.  It was a new commandment for them…

and for us.

So… How does Jesus love you?

Think about your sins for a moment…

You know the big ones…

The ones you don’t want people to know or even have a hint of that they are in your life. Think of how many times you have asked Jesus over and over again to forgive you and He has, because He loves you , because He died for you, because He payed the penelty for those sins, because He endured the shame of those sins, because He arose so you would not have to live with the weight of it all…

Think a moment of how He looks at you…

How He loves you.

Now think of  the things that person, you know the one, the person that has sinned against you, that hasn’t acted right, the person who’s mistakes, whose sins are more open than yours are…

Do you love them in their sinfulness as Jesus loves you in yours?

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