Things Could Be Worse

I do not like spiders.

In fact I often sound like a girl when one shows up un-expectantly.

That said, a friend of mine from our church posted this picture on my facebook time line today…

Yep, things could be worse.

The fact that things could be worse is a fact of life…

When bad things happen like your car breaks down, you break a bone, your teammate gives you a concussion, or when any of life’s unfortunate events happen to you just remember…

no matter how bad they may seem, it could be worse.

Just think…

What if you had to go through these “unfortunate circumstances” without Jesus?

Well.. Good news, if you are a believer, a disciple of Jesus, you never have to worry about that, for He has promised to be with us and never forsake us…

Yes, He is there even when our fears grow wings and become “more” scary.

I’m thankful for that!

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