Hurt Its not fun… no kidding right? Comes at moments unexpected from the most unlikely places. It pierces through he toughest of hearts, tears up the strongest of people, and forces things to happen unintended. Unintended words Unintended actions Unintended retaliation All ‘drawn” back and shot quickly like a hunter trying to kill a doe. […]

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Love People

Love people in the same way that I have loved you.  This is what Jesus told His disciples to do.  It was a new commandment for them… and for us. So… How does Jesus love you? Think about your sins for a moment… You know the big ones… The ones you don’t want people to […]

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I think sometimes in life we work too hard. Not with work Not mowing the yard Not when we house clean but when we try to  get people to like us The fact is some people are just going to think of you a certain way and will never change their view of you or […]

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