Behold (D3)


Can you imagine it?


Our imaginations romance perfection but we can’t come close to the way it actually was…

because after all…

our imaginations are flawed.

The Mind that spoke the perfection into existence knew exactly what He was doing down to the last detail. Even when He decided to make His final creation in His Own Image and gave them free choice, His decision was as perfect as the rest of what He had created.

Because after all…

He was perfect…

Making a perfect world…

His imagination becoming reality…

an imagination that was flawless.

Then why are we, the ones created in the Creator’s image flawed in our ability to understand fully what perfection is?

Because another “imagination” tempted and convinced the 1st image bearers to disobey God’s one rule. For in this “beings” mind he desired to take what had been perfected and break it. He imagined a world of pain and destruction that would hurt not only humans but also the Person who’s Image they were made into.

It was a decisive strike at the heart of the Creator.


The Creator did not make a mistake when He didn’t step in as the people He created in His Image disobeyed him.

The Creator did not make a mistake when He – who knows everything knew the people He created would disobey Him – made them anyway.


The Creator still had a perfect plan though the world He created became much less than perfect because of the choices of the Images He had created.

In fact the plan He spun into existence on the first day of creation would not only have a perfect completion to it but would also continue to be a perfect plan even though imperfection became part of the story though human choice.

Behold the inexplainable richness of God’s perfection…


at least as far as we can take it with our flawed perceptions of it.

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