Behold (D7)

Things go wrong and for many. They wrestle and wrestle with God over why things are the way they are.

Why me?

What is going to happen to me?

Why did you let this happen to me?

Will you take care of me in the future when I face the uncertain circumstance that is ahead for me tomorrow?

I fear You will allow something bad to take place. I fear for my life.

Aren’t You suppose to be good?

So – we wrestle and wrestle with God “the whole night.” Tossing, turning , worrying, struggling with God, seeking to gain our answer to the potential pain ahead and to calm the fear in our hearts.

But, what if we decided to quit wrestling with God? What if we quit trying to force answers out of Him? What if we quit trying to get the upper hand? What if instead of wrestling with God we decided to cling to Him? Like – really cling to Him and stay that way until He blesses us?

“Then the Man said, “Let me go for it is daybreak.” But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” Genesis 32:26

I do think that it is ok to ask God the tough questions but it’s a waste of time to wrestle with Him, He is always going to win. But what isn’t a waste of time is to cling to Him when our hearts are troubled and cry out to Him to bless us…

because that is faith.

Faith that God always wants to bless us and will do what is right for His children.

So, if you are in a time of trouble and are in a wrestling match with God over it. Quit wrestling with Him and grab a hold of Him and cling to Him as if your life depended on it.

And don’t let go until He blesses you.

Then you will be amazed at what He does after that…

One thought on “Behold (D7)

  1. i think i wrestle when my “flesh” is still trying to be in control. once i completely surrender, i do not have the strength to wrestle. it is then that i truly cling to Jesus! and i have been crying out to Jesus so much that my voice is hoarse and i have been clinging to Him because my life does depend on it.

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