Behold (D8)

I do hope you get a chance to buy the book above, even if it’s the Digital copy. I have come to realize the physical book has gone up in price. The reason? – It is no longer in print. The book is an amazing overview of the redemptive plan of God as it unfolds in the Bible (of course).

There are two Josephs that are well known in Scripture. The first is the “father” of Jesus the second is found in Genesis, the son of Isreal (Jacob) the favored son that was given a coat of many colors.

Joseph was hated by his older brothers. Some of them hated him so much they wanted to kill him. But in an odd change of events they decided to sell him into slavery. To cover up what they had done, they took his jacket, dipped it in blood, gave it to their father and told him that Joseph had been killed.

22 years later there was a “global” famine. The only place to get food was Egypt and Joseph’s brothers were forced to take a trip there to purchase food for their families. If they didn’t get food their families would die. What they didn’t know was – their brother who they had wanted to kill was now the second hand man to Pharaoh, the most powerful “King” on earth…

This meant that…

the one they had tried to kill was now the person God would use to save their lives.


I’m still chewing on the implications of that fact.

It’s not just the parallel with Jesus here I’m chewing on…

it is also how people treat other people, what we allow ourselves to say about them…

what we allow ourselves to do to them.

Also chewing on how God works things out for good even when we sin against someone by allowing hate to rule the day in our hearts…

That hate never overrules God and His plan.


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